Brand Management

Your brand is your reputation.

Whether you need to be the first to know about a brand, person, or business, XClaimit works for you from the moment you create an alert. Being the first to know allows you to make informed decisions, as they occur. The management of your brand can’t wait for surprises exposed to the general public.

  • Brand management

Your brand is your business. How you are perceived and how you are represented is vital to success. Anything that taints your brand or taints your business is something that may be hard to repair, if not dealt with immediately. Be the first to know.


  • Reputation management

In this age of information and the internet, rumours are spread so quickly, whether they pertain to the truth or fake. Reputations can be destroyed or impaired by here say or manipulation. It’s important to be the first in the know when a rumour is being spread or an incident has been reported. Be the first to know.


  • Crisis management


In the event of an unexpected event that threatens to harm an organization or entity, time is of the essence. Every second counts.  Be the first to assess, understand and deal with the matter at hand.

First to the news that matters.

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